I’ve moved the site

Sadly, the box that several of us shared and used as a web/ftp/wiki/etc. server is going away. We did really well with a Mac mini and some spare bandwidth that some of the guys employer didn’t mind us using. On the plus side, now that I’m paying for hosting I’m getting a whole bunch of added admin features that were difficult to access before and often required a lot of hand tweaking of server settings and conf files that I didn’t always feel comfortable making on a shared server. I’m now with Site5 (http://www.site5.com) and so far they’ve been great. The plan is reasonably priced, they have almost all of the apps/tools that I want and performance has been good. Plus their admin control panel web-app is great. Look for some content and cosmetic changes coming soon.

Nerd Test 2.0

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ringing my bell

I got a new cell phone a couple months ago – an LG VX8100. I was looking forward to the bluetooth connectivity with my PowerBook, but it was not a straightforward as I expected it to be in OS X. I haven’t had time to really dig into figuring it out. I gave it another try today and was successful.

I used BitPim because I think it’s the only app out there for this phone. My big problem was that I couldn’t get the phone to connect to the laptop. I paired the 2, but they would not stay connected. Then I found this and it all fit together (thanks Hurley!). The missing step for me was adding the bluetooth serial port.

I’m still running Panther (I know, I know) and I could not get the address book app to talk to the phone, but I didn’t try very hard once I realized that I could do it with BitPim. I don’t know if this is the best way, but I exported vcards from address book and then imported them into BitPim. It worked well.

Now Istanbul (Not Constantinople) plays when my phone rings.

New Banner!

Check out the rockin’ new banner for my site. My buddy Eric in San Fran. made it for me with a very reasonable amount of coaxing… the things people will do for fresh roasted coffee.

If you don’t see the cool animated masthead at the top of this page – for gosh sake, update your browser. It’s only Flash. Seriously, you probably just need the flash plug-in. It’s an easy download.

Huge props to Eric!

Have a cup full o’ tasty!

Check out this “label” that my buddy Eric made.

He didn’t make it specifically for me. He’s in a graphic designers group that do theme projects and send them to everybody else in the group as postcards. This subject was beverage labels.

I guess he was originally working with a different name, but I gave him some of my home roast and it apparently made an impact.

Uber-Geek moment

So a couple of months ago, Thane (AKA th4n3) got me hooked on kMoria – and I consider him truly evil because of it (the first one is always freeware). kMoria is a Palm port of Moria which is one of the better Rogue-like games. It’s terribly addictive and I’ve had to go cold turkey just to be able to put my Handspring down during commercials, stop lights, meals and bathroom visits.
I had a pretty good game going, playing a 10th level dwarven fighter with a lance and the strength to use it when I came to my senses and put the PDA down. Then I ran into Tai who th4n3 had also gotten hooked on the game. Tai was in a world of hurt. He had a wizard that was doing well except that his only torch had gone out. Without light, you can’t read scrolls or use many other items. He was on 4th level trying to find his way back to the store on 1st level. Well, one of the cool features in this port of the game is that you can beam stuff (equipment, money, etc.) between PDAs. Yes, that’s right, I was able to beam a torch from my dwarf to his wizard. However the item appears near the character in a random direction, so he had to blindly feel around for the torch. He found it without incident and was good to go.
Of course after an event like that, I couldn’t stay on the wagon. My dwarf is now up to 12th level and his lance is +2, +3. And if you ever happen to be in a bad spot, let me know, I may be able to help out with some rations or maybe a recall scroll.

Strongbad for President

A Japanese professional wrestler has won a local assembly election and announced that his mask will not leave his face. In an effort to demonstrate his “superabundant power” outside of the ring, he will enter the halls of Japanese politics as “The Great Sasuke”. Link

I really want to make more fun of this, but then I remembered that he is not the first pro wrestler to win public office …

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