Making Connections

The other night while I was rocking the boy to sleep, I stretched my neck and it popped a bit. The boy, who was not quite asleep yet, quietly says “pop goes the weasel”. Wow. I was barely able to hold my laughing down enough to keep him settled. What a smart boy.

Do you smell that?

I just realized how much better the dog’s gas problems have gotten since the boy has come along. We almost never blame her anymore.

McGuyver Moment

Three of us (relatively) new dads were taking our little tykes to the zoo. I had The Boy in his stroller. His current activity when bored in the stroller is to kick at the tray in front of him. He quickly learned that if he kicked it enough times, it would pop up and eventually fly off. I was not amused. As we were going through Africa, he started kicking again and I started trying to discourage it.

Thane turns around and says, “Matt, you know what you need is some duct tape.”
“Good idea Thane. Do you have any?” I responded with a hint of sarcasm
“Not with me.” says Thane.
Then a female voice, apparently from nowhere, says “I have some”
“Huh?” replied Thane, Eliot and I as we turn our heads in the direction of the voice.

And there, in a Zoo security uniform (with a badge, I noticed) was a woman with a roll of duct tape. Wow. Thane said something flattering to her as she handed me the roll. I peeled off several pieces and taped the tray securely to the stroller frame.

“Take all that you’re going to need, because you’re not going to find me again” she said somewhat enigmatically.

I ripped off one more strip and handed the tape back with effusive thank-you’s.

Then, instead of heading up or down the path we were on, she stepped through a concealed side gate and was gone as abruptly and mysteriously as she had appeared.

Party all night long

There’s something that parents of infants that sleep peacefully through the night (most every night, if you ask them) need to know: they will get theirs.
I have to believe that this is a just existence and that these parents will be beset by some punishment equivalent to the sleep depravation that The Boy is inflicting upon Kug and I as of late. Inversely, I also think that we’ve got something really good in store for us as compensation. I’m not sure if this reimbursement will take the form of winning a multi-million dollar lottery or finishing the deck this year, but something’s coming our way.
Don’t get me wrong, The Boy is an amazing and wonderful blessing upon us – he just needs to start sleeping through the night.

Strawberry Stains Forever

The Boy’s first strawberry. What a smart boy.

Photo taken by Kug.

bring me my juice

The other day The Boy actually asked for juice. He was in his high chair eating his lunch when he started doing his open-and-close hands thing that means he wants something. Kug told him that she didn’t know what he wanted and that he needed to tell her. He then blurted out “juice”. Not only did he get his juice, but he also got much love and praise. What a smart boy.

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