selections from my trip-hop playlist

I spent last weekend at a board gaming retreat we call WBC-West. We stayed at Doug’s family’s house in central Oregon and played (mostly) board wargames. When you’re hanging out inside all day playing games, it’s nice to have some tunes going and several of our iPods took turns as DJ.

I put on my trip-hop playlist that I have been building, pruning and refining over the last several years. It’s a mix of techno downtempo, chill and trip-hop that I listen to at work. For me, it’s a great mix to listen to while working as there are not a ton of lyrics to distract, but there’s always good beat to keep you going. I think it works well as gaming background for similar reasons. I got some complements and inquires on the playlist – Eric even said that he’s going to spend his next month’s eMusic quota on bands from the list. So now after 2 post-weekend emails requesting more info on the list, here’s the scoop:

  • 9 Lazy 9
    • The Herb
  • Amon Tobin
    • Bricolage
    • Out From Out Where
    • Permutation
    • Remixes & Collaborations
    • Supermodified
  • Blockhead
    • Downtown Science
    • Music By Cavelight
    • Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book
  • Bonobo
    • Animal Magic
    • Days to Come
    • Dial ‘M’ for Monkey
    • Live Sessions EP
    • One off Remixes and B-Sides
    • Solid Steel Presents: It Came from the Sea
    • Sweetness
  • Chris W. Paine
    • Weird Conversations
  • Cut Chemist
    • The Audience’s Listening
  • Czarny Wladek
    • Wolnosc
  • DJ /rupture
    • Uproot
  • DJ Krush
    • Kakusei
  • DJ Shadow
    • Entroducing……
    • Preemptive Strike
    • Private Press
    • Bombay the Hard Way
  • Free the Robots
    • Free the Robots EP
  • Gotan Project
    • Inspiracion-Espiracion Remix
    • La Revancha del Tango
    • Lunatico
    • Mare Tranquillitatis
  • Greyboy
    • Land of the Lost
  • Groove Armada
    • AnotherLateNight
    • Back to Mine
    • Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
    • Love Box
    • Northern Star
    • Vertigo
  • Helicopter Down!
    • Junshi
  • Kruder Dorfmeister
    • The K&D Sessions
  • Massive Attack
    • 100th Window
    • Blue Lines
    • Mezzanine
    • Nexus (Bootleg)
    • No Protection: Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor
    • Pi (Symbol)
    • Protection
    • Rising Tears
    • the karmacoma e.p.
  • Mocean Worker
    • Aural & Hearty
    • Enter The MoWo!
    • Home Movies From The Brainforest
  • Orbital
    • Snivilisation
  • Portishead
    • Dummy
    • Portishead
    • Third
  • RJD2
    • Dead Ringer
  • St. Germain
    • Tourist
  • Strange Republik
    • Infiltration
    • No Tomorrow
  • Thievery Corporation
    • 18th Street Lounge Comp.
    • DJ Kicks
    • Hi-Fidelity Lounge
    • Om Lounge, Vol. 1
    • Radio Retaliation
    • Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi
    • The Cosmic Game
    • The Mirror Conspiracy
    • The Outernational Sound
    • The Richest Man In Babylon
  • Thunderball
    • Scorpio Rising
  • U.N.K.L.E
    • Psyence Fiction
  • Ulrich Schnauss
    • A Strangely Isolated Place
    • Far Away Trains Passing By
  • Wax Tailor
    • Hope And Sorrow
    • Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies
  • Zero 7
    • Simple Things

Wow, that’s a long list. I regularly refine it, so not all tracks from all these albums are actually part of it, but still…

If you have any suggestions of other bands or albums for me, please comment.

Enjoy the chill.

One Monster after Another

Griffin’s first play:

Link to the movie: One Monster after another

Check out the costume that Kelle made and Denyce helped decorated.

but when do they eat

I’m so glad there was only a small bit of torture on 24 last night. It was getting difficult for me to watch, but impossible for me to turn away. Kind of like a fresh car wreck(or a reality show): intense, gruesome, but I can’t stop watching.
I’m glad they seem to have finally finished keeping Kiefer’s kid busy with these contrived crises that had nothing to do with the plot. However, it could be tricky to give her screen time in the rest of the show without more of that. But who knows, they’ve surprised me before.
I’m pretty impressed, though, how well they walk the fine line between maintaining the contiguous time-line, yet still keep the plot moving with new developments every episode. Granted, Kiefer seems to be in pretty good shape an hour after dying, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief considering the overall attention to detail.
As far as the characters go, it looks like we still have some surprises in store. I knew the president’s wife was going to turn up again – I wonder if she be able to fool Kiefer. Also, I’m getting worried about the Prez’s chief of staff – he was using a PC laptop this episode. He may be a bad guy after all. I wonder who will play the hacker. I haven’t checked the boards, but it seems timely to bring in a known face for the cameo.

Are you sure you don’t want the undercoat with that?

Well, things are not looking good for our intrepid heros. Besides the rather extreme scenes in tonight’s 24, I noticed something interesting. It appears that marketeers must think that people who watch Kiefer and the gang, buy a lot of new cars. There were ads for a bunch of car companies including: Mazda, Toyota, Chevy, Saturn, Nissan, Acura, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford. Not to mention the car repair/supply place, Les Schwab. I’m not quite sure what the connection is, but it’s interesting to me.

Finally, a reality show for the rest of us…

The WB and Stan Lee are teaming up for Superhero, where real people compete to become the superhero of their dreams. Judged by celebs who have played superheros, the semifinalists will get “superhero makeovers”. I’m not making this up.

Movie Review: One Hour Photo

I had heard good things about Robin William’s performance in this suspenseful drama. He was very believable as a photo lab employee at a pseudonymed Wal-Mart. He plays a disturbed and rather scary man in this role that allows him to display his versatility as an actor. The plot is somewhat engaging as you try to figure out how far he is going to go as a stalker obsessed with a family whose snapshots he develops. Unfortunately, the end is anticlimactic; worthy of a made for TV movie (or an episode of law and order) with Williams giving a cathartic, explain-it-all speech that leaves nothing to figure out on your own. I give it 3 stars (out of 5).
Rated R, available on DVD.

Survivor: Roger gets his

I do enjoy Survivor. I don’t know how much is representative and how much is good editing, but last night’s show had some wonderful moments. The tribes merge and we immediately see the division between the worker bees and the schemers. Rob is pretty clever and has a good game persona, but I don’t think he’s quite as smart as he thinks he is.
Then exibitionism rears it lovely head in the immunity challenge. From the previews Kug and I though that Heidi and Jenna’s srtiptease would be in exchange for some of the guys to take a dive. Well it may have only been for peanut butter and chocolate, but I think they got some manipulation points out of it anyway. Rob’s probably thinking that threesome may be just a little bit closer.
Then there’s Roger. I love how hubris is punished on Survivor. He really didn’t see it coming. Overabundant enthusiasm also gets karmic rewards: Shawna, had already made her bed of martyrdom. Her flirting with Alex and Matthew was not going to be enough to save her. Just like Robb from the Thailand season (“duuude”) – he had his epiphany and sure enough. next tribal counsel, he was gone.