but when do they eat

I’m so glad there was only a small bit of torture on 24 last night. It was getting difficult for me to watch, but impossible for me to turn away. Kind of like a fresh car wreck(or a reality show): intense, gruesome, but I can’t stop watching.
I’m glad they seem to have finally finished keeping Kiefer’s kid busy with these contrived crises that had nothing to do with the plot. However, it could be tricky to give her screen time in the rest of the show without more of that. But who knows, they’ve surprised me before.
I’m pretty impressed, though, how well they walk the fine line between maintaining the contiguous time-line, yet still keep the plot moving with new developments every episode. Granted, Kiefer seems to be in pretty good shape an hour after dying, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief considering the overall attention to detail.
As far as the characters go, it looks like we still have some surprises in store. I knew the president’s wife was going to turn up again – I wonder if she be able to fool Kiefer. Also, I’m getting worried about the Prez’s chief of staff – he was using a PC laptop this episode. He may be a bad guy after all. I wonder who will play the hacker. I haven’t checked the boards, but it seems timely to bring in a known face for the cameo.

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