Gaming at lunch

At my last job there was an established group that met every Friday during lunch to play euros. I was a regular participant. This is something that I have definitely missed since starting my new job downtown. So I did something about it.
I posted a message to one of the Portland games related email lists and to a local Portland forum on the geek. I suggested meeting weekly in the mezzanine of my building. I didn’t get a huge response, but of the few people that did express interest, a couple of them have become regulars. Once it looked like this would happen, I started a google group for us.

So far we have had 2-3 people each Thursday. We’re played Ra, Yspahan, Category 5 and Blue Moon so far. The space is actually pretty nice with a lot of tables and chairs. There’s plenty of room for more people.

The group still feels a bit tenuous with only 3 of us, as it’s hard for all of us to get there every week. I need to publicize this a bit so that we can get a few more regulars. I may sign up with meetup or try to find a directory of local gaming groups that I remember seeing once.

Regardless, it’s been great to get a bit more gaming squeezed into my busy schedule and meet some new people. Drop by sometime, we meet at 11:30.

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