Survivor: Roger gets his

I do enjoy Survivor. I don’t know how much is representative and how much is good editing, but last night’s show had some wonderful moments. The tribes merge and we immediately see the division between the worker bees and the schemers. Rob is pretty clever and has a good game persona, but I don’t think he’s quite as smart as he thinks he is.
Then exibitionism rears it lovely head in the immunity challenge. From the previews Kug and I though that Heidi and Jenna’s srtiptease would be in exchange for some of the guys to take a dive. Well it may have only been for peanut butter and chocolate, but I think they got some manipulation points out of it anyway. Rob’s probably thinking that threesome may be just a little bit closer.
Then there’s Roger. I love how hubris is punished on Survivor. He really didn’t see it coming. Overabundant enthusiasm also gets karmic rewards: Shawna, had already made her bed of martyrdom. Her flirting with Alex and Matthew was not going to be enough to save her. Just like Robb from the Thailand season (“duuude”) – he had his epiphany and sure enough. next tribal counsel, he was gone.

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