My latest online addiction

My latest online addiction is the gleemax site hosted by our friends at Wizards of the Coast. They are in alpha (i.e. free) testing of this online boardgame site. It has several of WotCs best acquisitions: Acquire, Axis & Allies, Guillotine, Vegas Showdown and the one that I can’t stop playing, Robo Rally. You can play solo against bots or you can try to get some other humans to play. I can only speak to the AI for Robo Rally (as that’s all I’ve played), but it’s pretty good. The bots are hard to beat. The code is being worked on and they appear to be responding to user feedback. I’ve seen one update so far. I haven’t come across any major bugs. My big complaint right now is that it can get laggy when you play with other humans. It’s all in java, so it works great on my Mac and should be fine in linux and that other OS. My handle is (of course) HazMatt, join me for a game sometime.